Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5 January, 2012 Ice, Tire Chains, Indoor Washing

It seems more like April than January.  The weather's been unseasonably warm this January.  We've had some rain but we're way short on snow.  Most reports put us around 40 percent of normal.  What little snow we have left at home has been rained on so much that it's turned to ice.  It makes for treacherous walking.  The chickens however seem to be enjoying it.  We've been getting an egg now and then.
We are fortunate that Scott thoroughly enjoys being outdoors.  Whenever the door is opened that's where he heads.  He was so disappointed to be brought in a couple of days ago that Susan put his boots on him and took him for a couple of laps around the car.  He's cutting more teeth and drooling like a Saint Bernard.  It makes him miserable at times during the day and interrupts his sleep at night.

Now that I'm home it's time to get some things done.  This is part of the framework for the wash tubs and wringer ...

This is the rest of it. (Some assembly required!)

I got it put together and in the cabin.  I had to do a little fitting for the wash tubs but it's solid and works great.  In normal winters we have a few days of nice, sunshiny weather now and then making it possible to do laundry outdoors.  This winter that's been a problem.  With everything inside it'll be easier to keep up with the laundry.  

We try to get out and walk a bit every day.  These were taken on an old logging road east of the place.  Odie is a bundle of energy on the walks.  I'm working on keeping her close but she still needs reminding at times.  I carry my 357 magnum in the winter time when the bears are hibernating.  The rest of the year I carry my 44 magnum.

One of our favorite views looking east at the mountains.

The cat came along on this walk.  Once he begins with us he stays with us because he's afraid being alone so far from the cabin.

Susan, Scott and Odie.  Scott loves being outside whether in the back pack or on his sled.

Scott is helping me do some writing.  I was doing some proofreading on an article and some chapters of my book when he came in.  He likes sitting on my lap and taking inventory of everything on my desk.  As long as I'm not typing it works okay.  I need one hand to hold onto him.

When I'm writing however, we put up the gate. 
We were watching a movie on the little computer when Scott decided to join us.  He actually stayed in place when Susan got up to get her camera and snap this photo.

He's old enough to stand on the chair and "help" us now.  His favorite is helping do the dishes.  Just before this picture was taken he was on his chair helping me make the venison meatloaf.  

Susan was rotating supplies and found this can that had literally popped it's top on the shelf. I've never seen a can come apart like this.

I got the snowmobiles out and running this week.  Usually after taking the tarps off I'll take the spark plugs out and put about a tablespoon of gasoline down each cylinder then start the engine.  It saves a lot of pulling on the starter rope by priming the engine first.  This is mine.  It doesn't have a windshield on it.  The one next to it is Susan's.  It has a little bigger motor, deeper paddles, handlebar heaters and a windshield.  They both move right along.  The only time we open them up all the way is when we're on the lake.  Now we just need some snow!!!!!!

Emily and Stephen were over during the week.  Stephen helped me get the snow mobiles limbered up but we weren't out long due to poor snow conditions.  We spent the evening playing board games.  

Odie and the cat decided to add a chapter in their love/hate relationship.

We drove out to the post office this afternoon to send back a couple of article contracts and mail a completed manuscript.  The road was solid ice.  We made it to the neighbor's place and I decided to stop and put the chains on.  We have studded tires and they wouldn't grip hard enough to keep us from sliding sideways.

To put them on I drape the chains over the tires then drive forward until the fasteners are in the right place.  After that I hook the inside then finish with the outside hook.  Usually I can get them tight enough I don't need rubber chain tighteners.  I keep an old feed sack in the Cherokee with the chains, a pair of rubber gloves and another feed sack that's been split open to use for laying or kneeling on.

On the way out we passed another neighbor who had also stopped on the road to install his tire chains.   It's about as slick as I've ever seen it.
The problem with tire chains is that we take them off on the pavement and have to re-install them when we get back to our road.  It's still better than being in the ditch or going over an embankment though!

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