Saturday, December 31, 2011

26-31 December, 2011 Back home again!

The people I was house sitting for returned last night so I'm back home again. Yay!!!! Christmas is over and the New Year is only hours away.  It's been kind of a boring routine this week.  Scott keeps Susan busy caring for him and all that entails.  Anyone who's ever had small children knows exactly what I
mean!  Scott is going through a teething phase and needs lots of attention so when he's awake she can't really get much done except carry him around.  When he's down for a nap she has to rush through the things she didn't get finished while he was awake.  And of course there are the endless diapers to change and wash.

But it isn't all work.  Scott decided to give a little tutorial on choosing a horse.
The right horse is very important he says...

It needs to be a horse you can trust no matter how you sit on it  ...

Sometimes tired cowboys need a break and the best way is to sit in the saddle backwards and use the horse's neck for a back rest.  Any good horse will of course understand your fatigue and take you home while you catch a few z's.

Once you find the right horse, Scott says, it's a pleasure to own and ride and you can relax and enjoy the scenery while wowing the girls with your exemplary riding abilities.  That's how a good horse helps you get the best girls!!!
Christmas present time.  Scott has his new bear and is playing in a box the presents came in.

Christmas day someone left the wrapping paper crate by the counter so he decided to help me make coffee.

One of Scott's favorite toys.  With this he can help Grandma and Grandpa get more outdoor exercise.

They made me pose for this picture.  Everyone knows that Grandpa is the real Santa.

Ahh ... back to real life again.  We got several inches of rain during the week so we set a barrel under a downspout to collect the bounty of water. 

We boil it n the kettle we keep on the stove then pour it through a coffee filter and into a tank.  A twelve volt RV pump, pumps it up into an overhead tank above the kitchen sink where we use it for washing dishes, etc.  The filter needs to be repositioned to a new place after a few gallons.

I cleaned out the chicken house today.  It wasn't real bad yet but the weather was cooperative and I wanted to work outside awhile.

I threw some flakes inside and let the chickens scatter them.  They'll love kicking the hay apart looking for seeds and bugs.  We got two more eggs this week.  That's pretty good for not providing artificial light and feeding them the cheaper food like we do every winter.

Odie took up a position to see if I was going to do anything interesting.  We (Susan, me, Odie, and Scott in the backpack) went for a walk through the woods this morning.  Odie's manners have gotten a little rusty over the winter so we did some obedience training to get her back in shape.

The sun actually showed up a couple of days this past week so I took some pictures just in case I didn't see again for awhile.  This is Marl Lake below the cabin I was staying at.  We got some rain later in the week which turned the road and any paths into ice rinks.  The packed snow turned to ice making it difficult to get up our road even with four-wheel-drive and studded tires.

I was treated to a rare sight with this rainbow.  It touched the ground about 300 yards form the cabin's front door.  Pretty cool and made the rain worth putting up with.

The Internet has been very slow today so I left several photos that I'd planned to post, out.  We want to close hoping that everyone reading it has a great year ahead of them.

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