Wednesday, January 18, 2012

14-18 January, 2012 Snow, Snow, Snow! ... Finally!

We finally got some snow!!!!  We may be the minority but we've been wanting a lot more snow than we currently have and we got some.  Of course, not as much as they promised but it's a good start!  Now we just need slightly warmer weather to have some fun in it!

This was taken the first part of the week before we got our first snow storm.  We had a little bit but not enough to do much with.  Note the lack of snow on the U-Haul's roof.  (Susan has just finished turning the solar panels into the sun.)

This was taken at ten PM the same day.  The snow has continued until today.

Here Susan is going up the ladder to brush snow off the skylights to let in a little more light.

I let the dog in and she hasn't even had time for the snow to melt from her fur before the cat attacked her ...  or did she attack the cat?

Susan made cinnamon rolls.  Scott wanted to try mine at which point it became his.  Note that he has a grip on my fingers rather than the roll and he wouldn't let go of either.  We finally got my fingers lose and let him have the roll all to himself.  
We need to get to town for more chicken food so I'm filling in with some of the corn that's been hanging on the center support beam.  These have been there for a couple of years and are very, very dry.  To shell them you grip the ear with a hand on each end and twist like you were opening a bottle.  The corn comes loose from the cob pretty easily.  If you're going to do a bunch of it wear gloves.  It's hard on your hands.

Scott wanted to watch and since putting him on a chair wasn't practical (he'd have been into everything!), I put him in the back pack carrier.  We found this one in a thrift store for $3.50 and prefer it over the one we used before.  It's more comfortable for us and for Scott. 

The finished product.  The cobs can be composted, burned or used for toilet paper.  Traditionally you took three (two red and one white) of them to the outhouse.  You used a red one first, then a white one to see if you needed to use another red one.   We'll compost ours!

Scott is walking more and more so we put a barricade around the front of the stove in case he falls that direction.  He's still a bit wobbly.

I transferred my sourdough mix to a wide mouth jar to make it easier to use.  This one is an old mayonnaise jar.  I didn't want to use a real canning jar for sourdough.  You have to prepare a day ahead when using sourdough because you have to add the flour to the sourdough the night before you need it.  When I'm making pancakes I'll add 2/3 cup of flour and 1/3 cup of water to the mix the night before.

Dirty diapers are a fact of life with toddlers and infants.  Susan rinses them before washing. It's nice having the wash tubs and wringer inside now but washing diapers is still a never-ending chore.

Scott would love to help if Susan would just let him.  Until then he's content with supervising.

Our snow came with some wind this time.   That's a bit unusual here.  The snow got into and onto everything including the porch.  Susan went out to get some firewood in her bare feet and we have the evidence to prove it.  (The other tracks were made by someone  - that'd be me - who was wearing shoes.)

Note the amount of snow on the camper now.  This was taken on the 17th at noon.  We have about twice that amount now.

Of course the idea behind having snow is to have fun.  Sledding is fun. Obviously I'm not a very good sled driver.

When the snow is this deep I like to clean it off the outside shed roofs.  If we got rain or some wet snow on top of this it would probably collapse the roof.  I'd just finished scooping the snow off the roof of the shack.  I have to shovel it off.

I broke my snow rake on the first shed.  We'll be going to Eureka tomorrow and I can get parts there so I got the snow blower out and running to clear paths to the car, wood shed and chicken house.  It broke too but it was late and I'll look at it tomorrow or Friday to see what's wrong.

We've been melting snow as fast as we can to fill the water storage barrels we have in the cabin.  They were getting a bit low after the weeks of not having any snow to melt and not going into town often.  You have to watch the mounds of snow because they don't always melt down evenly.  They've been known to topple sideways and that makes a big mess to clean up.

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