Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1-7 February, 2012 Trail Cameras, More birthdays, Swimming and Hot Tubs.

We've been getting a mix of sunshine and cloudy days.  The temperature has stayed between 10 degrees and 35 degrees for lows and highs.  We've had enough warm weather and light rain to turn the roads back to ice so driving can be challenging at times. 

We like taking walks when the sun's out.  On this one I'm carrying Scott and we went about a mile total.  That includes the hills we have to climb to go out and in so it's still a good workout.  I've been carrying my 44 magnum on our walks.  We've had enough warm days this winter to rouse some of the bears from hibernation.  It's rare but does happen and the 44 doesn't weigh that much more than the 357 magnum. 

The view from our road.  That's Therriault Pass in the top center.  It's about 18 miles away as the crow flies.

A couple of mornings the frost was heavy and looked beautiful when the light hit it.  I just had to take a couple of pictures to re-live the experience again.

Susan moved the VCR tapes upstairs.  We have about 550 at last count.  We still have the shelves of DVDs to move yet.

Susan and Scott making trips up the stairs to move some of our canned foods.  She's cleaning out the pantry and we'll remodel it into a bathroom this spring. We'll eventually move Scott into the old bathroom.

Scott is, of course, supervising.

We set up my trail camera to spy on the local wildlife.  This is one it took while we were making our "getaway."

Odie had to come back and check it out herself a few minutes later.

I have pictures of two deer on it (or maybe two pictures of one deer?) during the week it was up.  This photo was taken about 15 minutes before I checked the camera that day.  I thought this trail had more traffic than that.  Now I know! 

Scott is ready for an adventure.  This is the first time he's tried to walk in these shoes.

I took this on the way home from checking the trail camera.  I finally took it down to save the batteries.  I'll put it back up later in the year.

Tristan's birthday this time.  He's 22 (in case you couldn't tell by the cake).  That's Emily beside him.  She just turned 18.  They are our two youngest ones.

Becky with her youngest one (Logan).  He's a couple of months younger than Scott.  She's due to have her third this spring.

Hannah and Scott.  Hannah is Becky's oldest one.  She and Scott hit it off because they can both walk.

The "after party swim" at a local hotel.  We alternated between the pool and hot-tub.  Scott wasn't real enthralled by either.  The pool was too cold and the hot-tub was too hot.  I agree with him for the most part and spent most of the evening getting too hot then cooling back off in the pool.

Susan made tortillas.  We had them with chicken one night then used those we had left for breakfast burritos the next morning.

The kids gave us a "dance mat" to be used with the Wii.  Emily brought hers so we used them both together.  Scott wanted to be first.

The small generator (4000 watt) hasn't been running for awhile so I fixed it in the afternoon because it uses a lot less gasoline per hour than my 6,000 watt unit.  It had a plastic cover for the starter stuck in the flywheel and we couldn't use the starter or pull cord to start it.  It took about 30 minutes to get it apart and back together.  The day was relatively warm at about 30 degrees when I worked on it.

Scott got the idea of using the laundry basket to hold the stuff he takes out of the shelf unit.  Of course he was sitting in it as he filled it.  He does the same thing when he takes his bath.  He has so many toys in it with him that there's hardly space left for him.

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