Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We went into town today to get some things. Stopped at a grocery store to pick up some milk. Stopped at a parts store to get an oil filter for the car and some candied brazing rod to (hopefully!) fix the water pump housing. Stopped at a couple of greehouses, the post office, a neighbor's place to visit and see their new garden plot. They have a great fence around it. It's eight feet high made out of heavy gauge woven wire. We called it "hog wire" when I was a kid. I got permission (encouragement?) to shoot ground squirrels at the new garden spot. I may set some traps if I can't get enough of them by shooting. We stopped at the church to fill water jugs on the way back in. We're back home now waiting for the rain to stop so we can get some things done outside. I got the crack in the water pump housing brazed and tried it out. It works but I have a couple of small leaks to fix on the old repairs. That will be tomorrow's project. My wife has been transplanting tomatoes and peppers into pots so we can move them inside this fall and keep them alive longer (we hope). Still having scattered rain showers.

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