Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Had the Forester inspect the thinned area and it passed so we needed to go to the post office to mail the forms in to get paid. We decided to ride bicycles (15 miles round trip). It was easy to tell my wife just got back from a three week, 1,000 mile ride. (And that I'd spent too much time at home NOT riding.) Stopped and watched gophers taunt me from the meadow down the road. No gun with me except my 357magnum revolver. Since I want to kill them rather than just educate them I decided not to do any shooting today. Washed dishes when we got home. My wife prepared the most wonderful meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes (Yukon Gold, still firm and fresh in our root cellar), and pineapple from our garden. Hah, I wish! Now we're waiting to eat the rhubarb/raspberry pie she made. The rhubarb was picked fresh and the raspberries were canned from last year's harvest. Got a call from a neighbor this morning. Seems they have some kittens to give away and wanted to know if we want one. Since our cat's been missing the last two days we may be in need of a replacement. We'll see.

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