Thursday, May 20, 2010

It was kind of a windy, overcast day today. We got a late start (too much time on the computer!) but still got a few things done. My wife planted a couple of the apple trees and I got a stump pulled, another section tilled up and I began digging out a spot for a new raspberry bed. I used my High-Lift jack to pull the stump. I dug out around it with the shovel and mattox then cut the side roots with the mattox. I then wrapped a short section of chain around the base and jacked it up out of the ground. A tripod, come-along and chain will accomplish the same task. The tree diameter was about 6 inches when I cut it down. Pine trees don't have a very good root system so they're lot easier to get out than hardwood trees. My wife is holding part of last night's dinner: home made rolls and rhubarb/raspberry pie. Great stuff! Got some kids up today so I’ll fire up the barbeque grill and char some hamburgers in a bit.

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