Tuesday, July 5, 2011

14 - 22 June, 2011 Self-reliance expos and getting ready for DT-11

Not a lot of pictures or info for this section.  We were busy getting things ready before we left for DT-11.
We had a lot of packing to do as well as getting things in order around the homestead.  We both spent a lot of time outside mowing and trimming the yard and weeding the garden before we left because we knew that we'd be gone a couple of weeks for Dirttime in California.  I didn't even have time to do this section of the blog before we left so I apologize for the lack of pictures and info...

The goat loves to climb on things.  In this case he's using a stump to get at some pine branches.

One son is a volunteer fireman.  They have to replace their firehoses periodically so he saved a section for us.  They had to cut it so we'll need to patch it up but it will give us some added protection in case of fire.  These will put out a lot more water than our gatrden hose.

One of our compost piles was overtaken by weeds so I'll have to use a shovel to "turn" it.  I'll basically shovel it into a new pile with the weeds buried in the compost so that they'll die.  There's approximately a ton of compost in this pile.

The dog taking a breather to contemplate the deep things in life.  (Things like, "will there be any leftover sloppy joes to eat after dinner?")

We went to the first "annual" self-reliance expo in Kalispell.  It was small but they had some good stuff there and I got to talk to some people about hand pumps for deep water wells.  The most important lesson learned was that you better have a pile of money!

When the dog's away ... the cat will lay on the dog's blanket.  You can almost see the cat thinking, "yuch, smells like dog ... I can fix that though!"

On the road to Dirttime 2011!!!!!!

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