Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3 - 4 July, 2011 Home from DT-11 ... lots of catching up to do.

We'll have a separate blog entry to cover our time at Dirttime so this will be about what happened after we got home.

We left a Nevada rest area at 7:00 am on the third and pulled into the driveway at home at 2:30 am on the fourth.  If I fugured that correctly it comes to 19 1/2 hours on the road.  We drove through some beautiful country on the way home but nothing was so welcome as our passage into Montana.  We hit the Montana line around 4:00 in the afternoon and stopped at a rest area to eat.  Then we headed north again on the final leg of our trip.  It was sure nice to be home again.

We stopped for lunch at Lost Trial Pass on Hwy 93 on the Montana/Idaho border.  They still have some snow there.

Our daughter came over about 9:30.  We'd left a note on the door taht we got in at 2:30 am and would be sleeping late.  Ha!  Susan was up and working in the garden at 6:00 am.  I slept until 8:30 then it was time to get to work.

We were given some of the left-over food from DT so after Susan spent a couple of hours weeding int he garden she got busy dehydrating the corn and onions we'd brought home.

She had to do some scrounging for suitable drying racks ...

... and more scrounging ...

Then we still had corn to dry.  (This is just the first rack of corn.  We have others not shown here.) The netting is to keep flies, etc. away from the food as it dries.  We're fortunate that the air is dry enough to dehydrate things outside without electricity.

The sun is shining full-bore so we also put one of the electric dehydrators to work. (We have three elelctric dehydrators.)

She took a short time to pick some clover blossoms before I mow that area.

We had more bananas than we could eat before they spoiled so she canned the extra ...

We've had people say that you can't can bananas but they're wrong.  These will make great banana bread and other treats for later in the winter.

Susan likes to work at different jobs througout the day but I like to get on a task and keep on it until it's finished. This is what I did all day long ...  The blade was dull so the first thing I did was sharpen and balance it.  After that it was just keep re-filling the gas tank and keep mowing.  The grass had gotten too tall to mow with our reel mowers.  The gas mower kicks up a lot of dust and pollen so I'm scarfing down allergy medicine.  I had to stop once for an allergy induced asthma attack.  A couple puffs on the inhaler took care of that problem.  I'll be trimming it tomorrow.  I may dig out a gas mask to keep the allergies to a minimum.

I had to dig out a small (eight-in diameter) stump in the yard after Susan stubbed and cut her toe on it.  I dug it out and filled the hole with pea-gravel then the dog dug up the pea-gravel.  I'm going to have a "talk" with the dog later.

The chickens have become too lazy to go to the nesting boxes to lay their eggs so we'll have to keep them shut in until afternoon.  Production is down and I found one egg in the grass while mowing.  I had no idea how old it was so I gave it to the dog who was quite pleased but we want the eggs for us so the chickens will stay in the pen until they're done laying for the day.

We ended the evening with a meal of mashed potatoes and gravy with roast beef while we watched a movie with our daughter and son-in-law.  After the movie we fired off a few fireworks to celebrate the 4th then went to bed.

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