Tuesday, June 14, 2011

7-13 June, 2011 Rain, storage sheds and moving ...

It's definitely the monsoon season here.  We had two days of solid rain this week.  We didn't get much done outside but we've filled every barrel and tank with water from the rain gutters! 

Some of the aspargus is finally showing some growth.  I've tried several times to get some asparagus beds established and I think we've finally succeeded with two beds.

The rain helped a lot of new seeds sprout.  This is lettuce that Susan planted.

Our rhubarb is doing great.  We have three beds established now and will start some more outside of the garden this summer.

Susan potted some mint to sell at the farmer's market.

Our two surviving apple trees are in full bloom now.  So far it looks good.  Some years the blossoms get frosted off.

Went to a neighbor's to do some shooting and had to take some pictures of their baby goats.  They have three but the third one was out grazing with the nanny. 

This is our goat foraging on his tether.  He isn't a baby anymore but he's not yet full grown either.  Must be a teenager now ... which kind of lines up with his attitude at times also.

The cat decided to have a little fun with a Christmas decoration he found.

He's under the sink looking for a mouse.  There's one in the house but I can't set the trap when the cat's in and the times the cat caught it it played with it until the mouse escaped.  Now the hunt is on once again.

We have a daughter and son-in-law coming here to live.  They bought some lumber to build a shed with so we've (Susan and I) been putting it together.  There wasn't enough lumber to do it the way I wanted to so we put it together the best we could.  Some of the lumber was cut wrong as well which I didn't find out about until construction had begun.  About half the 2x4 "studs" were a full eight feet long while the other half was cut properly.

We can't get the rain to stop long enough to get it built so I finally put a tarp over the whole thing and worked under it.

The back and both sides finished.  We're going to add some more wall studs later along with beefing up the roof and possibly siding.  It'll have to wait though.  We need to get it together enough to store some things in for now.

Smile!  Yea, right!  Put the camera down and get this thing done before the rain and wind pick up!

Our "foundation" is shipping pallets and they're not quite level.  The front is going to need some "tweaking."

My "tweaker" in place.  In this case it's a rope/pulley type fence stretcher.  The rope and pulley system gives me precise options over a ratchet type set-up and with a  tug backwards on the rope the pulleys are locked into place at the perfect length.  And eveything is square.  How's that go ... "You might be a redneck if you square up a building with a fence stretcher?"

And the filling begins.  They have a storage unit so this one is to give them a place to keep the "must have" items close at hand.  I'll have to finish the door after they get up here.  It's a good thing we live in a very low crime district.

We spent a couple days helping with packing and transporting things to storage.  This is Hannah, one of our grandkids I mangaed to bore to sleep.  She'd been with her mother at the farmer's market and was completely worn out.  She slept for several hours.

This is Barbara (the one moving here) holding her nephew while Hannah plays.

Becky - The Mom!  Driven to drink!  Her hair hangs down to her waist making her easy to spot in a crowd.  I just look for the girl with hair hanging below her coat.

We borrowed an extra pet carrier from another daughter.  When I got there the kids wanted to show me what they'd learned how to do that week on their bicycles.  Jonathan also showed me the cracked helmet from his bike wreck.

And David, the middle boy ...

And Andrew, the youngest boy ...

And Anna, not to be outdone by the boys brought a skateboard to try out.  She's a little camera shy today.

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