Thursday, June 24, 2010

Susan's stirring gravy with one hand and mashing potatoes with the other. When she mentioned that she had both hands tied up she thought I'd come out of my office to help. Instead I came out with the camera!!! He, he, he....

Susan doing some brush trimming and transplanting carrots to a new place in the garden. These are some volunteer carrots on their second year. They will go to seed so we wanted them in the same area because it makes it easier to save the seed from them. Those she's transplanting are a variety we've saved seed from before so we know they'll reproduce true to the original. We are keeping them separate because we have some others going to seed from a different variety we purchased last year and we don't know if they'll reproduce true so we don't want the seed to get mixed.

One of the article I'm working on is an article on splitting firewood. These are some of the pictures. A couple were taken on my big camera and had to be resized down from 9+mb file size to 280 kb for internet use. Sometimes the quality suffers doing this.

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