Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo Captions:

Cat sleeping on one of it‘s toys.
Two of the pies Susan made. (The one not pictured was chocolate.)
Son-in-law, me, David.
Daughter shooting 50 cal. CVA “Hawken.”
Jonathan and fish.
Anna, the youngest of our grandchildren.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We began the day casting ballots in our local primary elections. Our oldest daughter, son-in-law and their kids (4) came for a visit and almost beat us home. After they arrived we shot my self-bow (first and only one I’ve made so far). After that Kevin (son-in-law) and I did some gopher shooting. The gophers were quite cooperative and we went through about 50 rounds before we headed back to the house. (Didn’t get nearly that many ground squirrels!) When we got back to the cabin I got out my 50 cal. CVA Hawken replica and we made some white smoke for awhile. Our oldest grandson made a list of the guns he wanted to shoot and a muzzle loader was on the list so we all took our turns shooting. I went through on full horn of powder before we finished for the evening. When we finished that I fired up the grill and we barbecued hamburgers for supper. Afterwards we started on the pies Susan made.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We went fishing after having pancakes breakfast. It took me about an hour to find the oars for our 12 foot aluminum boat. (They’d fallen behind some things we had stored with them.) We have trolling motor for it (we have a 7.5 hp gas motor also but don’t usually use it on our local lake) but I always take the oars along just in case… It was raining lightly but the fish were biting. Amy paddled around in the kayak while Kevin and I had the boys in the boat. When the boys got bored Amy and I drove them back to the house and Kevin stayed out fishing. After we got back I cleaned the muzzleloader. Kevin came back about two hours later with a pile of fish to filet. We just talked and played with the grandkids the rest of the day. Susan made another pie for us to devour. The kitten was hit with the grandkids and they pretty much wore it out. The boys love gathering eggs so we checked the eggs about every two hours. They have their own chickens at home and carry them around like pets and didn’t know what to do about out setting hen that pecked at them. After they went back home in the early evening Susan and I watered the garden and refilled the storage tanks in the garden. The bean sprouts we planted are doing great.

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