Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

We stopped at Trego for the Fireman’s Ball fundraiser. (Our youngest son is a volunteer fireman.) We had dinner and made a couple of bids on auction items. I bought tickets for the firearms raffle but didn’t win … again! We stayed for the band and dance primarily because a neighbor was playing in the band. It was late when we got home from that.

Sunday we got some things done in the garden. We planted more green beans and corn. Susan transplanted squash plants into the garden. We did some weeding and watering and filled water tanks and barrels. It rained a lot while we were gone so the main water storage tank was full and the grass needs mowed again. While we were gone one of the chickens laid a double yolk egg. Most people have never seen one. You’ll never see one in the grocery store. I took a picture of it with three other eggs for comparison. The big one is the double yolk egg of course. The white one on the end is a store bought egg. (It’s a long story as to why we have store bought egg in the fridge!) The rest were all from our hens.

It rained all day today (Monday). This is one of the wettest springs we’ve had in several years. We worked on some inside projects. I worked on an article, Susan worked on a fiction story she’s writing and on her notes about our time at Dirttime. We’ll post it when she’s finished. Susan made chili since we had the wood stove going all day. After smelling it simmering on the stove all afternoon we were very ready to dig into it this evening.

I used the last of our split wood to fill the wood box today. I’ll have to split more tomorrow. The pile that’s left was cut last fall but it was still a little green and the grain is twisted. We let it season over the winter to make it lighter to work with and easier to split. I have a couple more good firewood trees on the property I can cut if I need to.

Photo Captions

We sometimes use the push planter for planting seeds like peas, beans or corn. It has different plates to use depending upon what you’re planting. This is where we planted the corn Sunday. With our climate corn is a real “iffy” crop but we still try to grow it. (That’s alfalfa growing on the right side of the picture.) this is the last stack of firewood waiting to be split from last fall. The last chunk of firewood in the wood shed. Our woodshed is a garage tent we bought from Costco several years ago. We put a metal roof on it two years ago. The sides are still okay but the back part tore over the winter last year. We’ll need to replace it before winter. These are the eggs I talked about. The white egg is store bought (size large). The egg to it’s left is one of our smaller eggs. The egg on the far left is double yolked. We get about one a year.

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