Monday, November 27, 2017

July, August, September 2017

I'm still playing catch up on my blog so this is the condensed version.

I bought a canoe two summers ago and haven't
had it out on the water much. We picked up two dogs last summer and hadn't had them out on the water either. Rose rode in the canoe with me. I had to lift her in because she had no intention of going willingly!  Once got going she calmed down and enjoyed the ride.

Scott was on his kayak tethered to Susan's.  

He has our second dog (Butter cup, a  pomeranian), with him. She had no  qualms regarding the water or kayak.

We decided to modify the van a bit by taking out the bathroom and building beds. The front bed over the driver and passenger seat will be used for storage. 

The  beds  are almost finished. Scott's is above mine. I built storage space under mine.

A couple of the boys decided to shoot some clay targets.

We went through a couple hundred  rounds before we were finished.

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