Saturday, November 18, 2017

April, May, June 2017

This is the condensed version since I am so far behind.

Scott taking in the campfire at the Overton Wildlife Management Area.

This is an old picnic area near Overtone.  It was quite a ride up to it.  At this point we are near the boundaries of Valley of Fire.

Getting ready to hit the road.  The hamburgers are for consumption that evening.  The pork chops will be frozen and taken with us on the road.  They make great meals on the road.  We don't have to heat them up.  We just set them on the dashboard for a couple of hours to warm up and eat them that way.

I got a call from my mother that a tree was going to fall on our camper we have stored in her yard.  No one could take care of it for a couple of weeks and she wanted it down before it fell down.  I took a plane out of Vegas then spent a week at my mother's.  Day one I took down the tree.  After that there was another project.

My sister's grandson started a fire behind their garage.  By the time the fire department got it out it had burned a bunch of siding off the back of the garage.  My mother (who is in her 80's) and I cleared off the burned siding and underlayment then began putting new siding on.

A couple of days later we were finished except for the painting which they would finish up.

We began heading toward home again.  Here we are at the Dave Deacon Campground at the Kirsch WMA in central Nevada.  It's one of our favorite places because of the free camping (with water hydrants available and outhouses) and it also has a hot spring there for swimming.

We had our four-wheelers with us and did some exploring in the area.  The dust we kicked up was kind of bad and the sun was pretty direct so this is how I dressed for our daily rides. I also wore gloves to protect my hands from sunburn.

On our rides we were going several miles each way to the mountains to ride the trails and roads so we moved our camp out there. There was no water but we packed enough to get us by awhile and just rode to the campground when we needed more.

It was a really great time.  Our campsite was sheltered in the trees from the wind and private.  We were the only people there camping and we saw only a couple more on our travels over the miles and miles of old dirt roads that laced the area.

There were springs all through the surrounding desert, valleys and mountains.  They were all fenced off to keep livestock out and the water piped down to stock tanks so that critters in the area could have fresh, clean water to drink.

The sun hanging low in the western sky.

Winter killed? Disease? Predators?  The cause of death is impossible to ascertain but even in death nothing goes to waste in the wild.

This guy was a daily resident at the campground.  Every morning we'd watch it come flying back with a fish then sit on this power pole to enjoy his meal.

Back home in Montana.  We took the U-Haul camper to a local lake for a few days of fishing, kayaking, hiking and camping. Buttercup, our Pomeranian that we acquired through animal control, is anxiously waiting in the basket to hit the road on a bike ride.

One of the small waterfalls near the lake.

Scott and Susan float past an old beaver lodge.

We did some exploring and some fishing and just enjoyed our time on the lake.

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