Friday, June 16, 2017

March 1-15, 2017 Desert fun!

Due to the large number of photos (I already edited out over one-hundred to get it down to this number!) there won't be a lot of commentary.  The order is off on some because they were taken with four different cameras and it was too much trouble to properly sort them (Okay, I just don't have time, I'm too lazy, blah, blah, blah!).  Anyway I hope you enjoy them.

Working on the motor home here. Both of these switches have been broken for awhile (the plastic lever is gone) so I decided to replace them.

The fuel pump on the motor home.  I replaced this one.  It's kind of a booster pump used when the fuel tanks are far away from the engine.  Sometimes the main pump needs some help.

Fuel leak at the rear tank on the Ford camper van.  Maybe the fuel mileage will improve?

This is one of the places we camped off the beaten path.  It has a 4x4 trail going several miles down to the lake.

This is along the road next to our camp.  You can see both Stewarts Point and Echo Bay from here. (Of course you need binoculars!)

Same place as the photo above only looking the opposite direction.

Supper time!

These wild horses were waiting just outside the camp the first morning after our arrival.

A little later in the morning one posed for us on a nearby knoll.

Our camp was late getting the morning sun due to ...

... this guy being in the way!

More riding and hiking.

This little canyon goes over to the shoreline of Lake Mead.

 Break time!

Goofy time!

This was taken on the other side of the lake near Gold Butte.  Most of the photos following were taken in this area.

Now we're back to the earlier campsite.  These two photos were taken from our camp site using the highest setting on my camera's telephoto.  I think there are a couple of desert bighorns in there.

Same location a half-hour later.  Possibly same two sheep.

This is a rock "window" above the first camp site.

That's our camp viewed through the "window."

Echo Bay viewed from the camp.

Stewarts Point viewed from camp.

Taken from the same location as the photo above only with less magnification.

We saw holes like this drilled into choke points in the wash we hiked in.  Don't have a clue why or for what purpose!

The final photos are from explorations around the camp near Gold Butte.

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