Sunday, June 4, 2017

February 15-28, 2017 Life in the desert.

Another post .... I'm way behind (right, I'm doing a post on late Feb. on June 4!) so there won't be a lot of commentary on the photos ... sorry!

This is a public rifle range a few miles outside of Overton, NV.  Nothing fancy, just a place to shoot.  We took the four-wheelers and my "modern" inline muzzle loading rifle out for some fun and testing.

The target is out there about 100 yards.

I'm shooting some different loads (trying different bullet/sabot combinations and two kinds of propellant) to check for point of impact of the different combinations and accuracy.  I used to look through binoculars or a spotting scope but now I take a photo after every shot and keep a notebook for what combinations were used for that shot.  It works much better for me.  It helps to have a good telephoto lens (I do).  This one is about 50X.  That's three, three-shot "groups."  

Meanwhile Scott was busy gathering up stuff for his own projects.

This is a "robot" he put together out of range trash.  Kind of makes you think people should be more diligent about picking up after themselves.

We put quite a few miles on 4-wheelers.  I believe this (and the next two photos) was a run on up the canyon we were in while shooting.

This is on Morman Mesa outside of Overton.

Our favorite hot spring.

Scott entertaining himself by climbing on the tailgate of the trailer.

We just got this bike trailer.  I had assembled it and I'm now putting the hitch on my bike.

Scott is playing in the box!

Vehicles, vehicles, vehicles!  I spent most of my life working on cars professionally and I hate working on our own.  But sometimes it can't be avoided.  This is the transmission tag on our camper van.  The vacuum modulator was leaking and having the transmission tag information makes it much easier to get the right part for it.

Yuch!  The big motor home died upon reaching our camping area.  I thought it was the fuel pump so we had a friend tow it on over to our camp site.  Turned out it wasn't the fuel pump but a faulty gas gauge that was causing problems. (It was out of gas!)

We took the camper van up to a new area to scout out a new camping spot.  We needed to see if the road was good enough to get back there with our trailer hauling the 4-wheelers. (It was!)

This is another of our favorite spots.  It's called "Redstone" and while it was named after the sandstone rock formations there are a lot of other types of rocks there too.

Scott loves climbing around on the rocks and we're early enough in the season that the snakes are still hibernating.

It's a beautiful and fun place to play in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Lake mead shoreline.  The water is up a few feet from last year.

More four-wheeling with a friend.

Everyone has had a lot of problems with mice this year.  We had one that actually chewed through the lid on the peanut butter jar.  We used the peanut butter for bait and caught him the next night.

Scott in church during the worship service.

This is something we don't get to see in Montana in February!  Kind of hard to plant a garden when the snow's four-feet deep.

Gotta love things you find on the internet!  An ad on how to block ads!

One of the things we like most in this area are the spectacular sunsets and sunrises!

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