Saturday, September 24, 2016

July 2016 Update

My camera has been missing since my stay at the hospital in Billings in July/August.  Susan found it (in a place we'd already gone through!) yesterday so I now have access to the photos I took with it.  I thought I'd share a few of them in an update to my July Post.

My redneck car ramps.  Regular car ramps don't work well on dirt and grass so I make my own using cement blocks and 2X8's.

I kept noticing a large number of those stinging insects at the back of my shop.  This is why! It took almost a full can of wasp and hornet spray before I could knock it down and burn it.

This is what some of the waste oil is used for.  I strain it out then use it for bar oil in the chain saw.

We use these to convert 12 volts DC to 110 volt AC when in the car.  This one was made with a fan that runs continually.  The noise gets annoying after awhile, especially when the fan is worn out and the bearings make noise.  We used to throw them away when that happened then I decided to just clip the fan wire and use them until the inverter burned out. (I circled the ground wire in the photo. I just cut a section out and tuck the ends in where they won't ground on anything inside.)  

We've never had an inverter burn out after I disabled the fan so this one should last us a long time.  (And now it's quiet!)

All put back together and ready for use.

Southern Idaho

Southern Idaho




Susan and Scott - Nevada



At a friend's campsite in Utah.  The chipmunks were pretty tame and Scott was trying to get one to take food out of his hand.  They never did but he surprised me with how much patience he had for being five-years-old.

Scott and some of his cousins in New Mexico

Sunrise on the Kansas/Oklahoma border.

That's some tall corn!

The elevators were full and this was not an uncommon sight in Kansas.

Crossing over into Wyoming from /South Dakota.  In a few more hours we'd be in Billings, MT and I'd be in the hospital for a week.

Thanks for looking!

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