Monday, September 19, 2016

August 2016 - Silverwood

We took Scott to Silverwood in late August.  It's an amusement park in Idaho.  He's been there before but was too young to remember or have as much fun.  He made up for that this time!

We've been to Silverwood several times over the years and always liked stopping to camp at Round Lake Campground in Idaho.  We stayed two nights again this year but it may be the last time.  The cost for a tent site was $25.10 per night.  It's a nice place to stay but they raised the prices considerably since the last time we went there.  There are showers available and toilet facilities but the price is still too high for what you're getting.  The first site they assigned was so unlevel that it took all of our blocks to get the van close enough that the refrigerator worked.  The picnic table was too unlevel to cook on with our camp stove.  And that was with four inches of wood under one side.  We asked for a different site the last day we were there and it was much better.

Scott getting his morning cuddle time in.

They have a bicycle/hiking trail on one end of the lake.  This bridge crosses a small stream.

Pancakes for breakfast.

One of the neighbors who kept dropping pine cones on our campsite.

Scott trying to spot a pine cone on the way down and catch it.

Me and Scott disassembling a pine cone to find the seeds inside.

The first ride we took at Silverwood was the train.  At one stop we got robbed by two dastardly looking characters.

This is the second accomplice.

He's looking ... hands up!

He's not looking!

The Red Baron wanna-be.

Boats and water guns!  A little boy's idea of fun.

A ride with a view with grandma.

Swingers!  This was Scott's first ride on this and he needed some reassurance from grandma.  After the first time though he wanted to ride it over and over and over again.

The children's roller coaster was a hit also.

The children's Ferris wheel.

And the train.  This little girl and Scott became friends on his second time riding the Ferris wheel and they raced together to get on the next several rides.

This ride went up then "fell" down.  It was Scott's favorite of all.  We lost count of the number if times he rode it (always in the same seat).

And another swing ride with grandma and his new friend.

Again on the frog ride.  His friend had to go after the last ride so he went on this one with strangers.  As soon as he got off he raced around to get in line again.  We were there on a week day after school started so there were almost no lines on the majority of rides.  After school let out in the afternoon a lot more people arrived with their kids and the lines got longer.

Driving Grandma and Grandpa around in his car.

Ice cream was expensive but they really piled it on.  The "one scoop" price actually was three large scoops of ice cream of whatever flavors you wanted.  I had orange sherbet on top and chocolate on the bottom (I declined the third scoop).  It turned out to be a terrible combination.  I should have stuck with just one flavor.  Scott and Susan enjoyed theirs but we all had a hard time finishing that much ice cream in one setting.  Had the temperature been a little higher it would  have been easier.

Scott was taken to the toy store and told to get whatever he wanted.  He's not one who wants everything and even with the "blank check" we offered he still chose only what meant something to him. He spent less than $50.00.  This train set was one item he wanted.  It took a lot of room to set up though so he had to wait until we stopped at a rest area for dinner on the way home to set it up.

He also set up his new toys in the center.  He's putting "Batman" on the tracks to see if he can really stop the train (he couldn't!).  In the meantime he was waging battles against the bad guys with his helicopter, jets and tank.

Entering Montana (the haze is smoke from forest fires to the west).

Same highway, just farther south.

Almost to Libby, MT now.

This is a little lake that runs into Lake Koocanusa.  The sides are almost straight up/down and it is deep.  Lots of fish in it though. The little dot next to the short tree on the rock is me.

At this point we were within 50 miles of home (about 15 as the crow flies).  We made a quick stop in Eureka then headed on to the cabin.

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