Monday, February 8, 2016

7 Feb. 2016, More wildlife and wanderings

We've spent most of the last week at "home."

This is one of the "low water crossings" prevalent in the area.  They'd just got a bunch of rain the previous night and the resultant flood washed a bunch of sand over the road way.  To those not familiar with the desert, it doesn't soak up rain like you'd think.  That means you have a lot of run-off from a hard rain which results in flooding in the washes.  If there's enough rain upstream it results in flash floods downstream.  In this case there was enough to cause some flooding that washed a bunch of sand over the roadway.  In the front, center of the photo is a News van doing a recording session of the sand that was removed from the roadway by heavy equipment.

We offered to help a woman in our church to get her belongings to southern Arizona.  All she needed from us was a driver.  We were ready for a quick road trip and the destination was on our "want to see" list so we offered to drive her U-Haul truck.  That meant leaving at 4:00 am to get there before the storage lot closed for the day.  This was taken about 90 minutes into our drive where we stopped for fuel.

It was a long but uneventful drive.  At one stop way out in the desert there were two coyotes cavorting around next to the road.  I assume they were almost grown pups since they were playing like a couple of puppies.  Anyway, we made it to our destination and booked a room for the night.  They had a pool and Jacuzzi but the pool wasn't heated (both were outdoors).  The Jacuzzi, however, was great.  Scott put on his flippers, mask and snorkel and played for quite awhile.  We got out when the sun went down and it began to cool off.

The motel provided a good breakfast so we ate then hit the road going back home.  This is a Border Patrol check point on Hwy. 95 between Yuma and Quartzite.  We spent a couple of hours going through the swap meet at Quartzite then meandered on home.

Just some of the scenery along the route.

We had visitors again.  This guy looks like he might have a problem with mange.

There were actually three coyotes in this group.  Odie let us know they were outside then I brought her inside (so she wouldn't go after them) and took their pictures.  We also had a cow come to visit.  It too was kind of bashful and kept it's distance.

The wind has been blowing a lot this week which keeps the wind turbine charging good but makes it annoying to get things done outside.  The good thing is that we have lots of electricity!  Since it's going to be blowing tomorrow we'll probably take the car and go to see some places in St. George, Utah.  We also need to change the oil and filter in the car so we'll stop by the Hyundai dealer and have them do it while we are out.

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