Thursday, May 7, 2015

April 1-15, 2015 Blowing Sand and Easter Egg Hunts!

Road trip continued!  We took some time to go to Kansas and Illinois to visit and do some book research.  We also stopped in Colorado to see a friend who is doing a cross-country bicycle trip.  It was a nice trip that covered a couple thousand miles total.

Odie smiling for the camera.

Scott is getting some soccer lessons from his 2nd cousin.

Going to see my mother wouldn't be the same without a day at the zoo.  Here Scott gets some elevation for a better view. 

The mountain lion was feeling frisky.  I could see it in the back with it's ears laid back and the end of it's tail twitching so I played peek-a-boo with it.

Susan got some good video of it charging me.  Then it decided to play with the tire they have hanging in the pen.

There's an old tank at the park too.  When I was young you could still rotate the turret from inside and raise and lower the barrel.  Now everything is welded shut.

Sunday morning Easter egg hunt!

Trailer re-packed and ready to hit the road.

All we have left to do is strap on the kayaks.

We took back roads on our trip and got to see some of the small towns along the way.  The rivers were up considerably in Missouri and Illinois.

And the mighty Mississippi!

That's a lot of water!

The lowest gas prices on the trip ($1.99.9)

On the way back to Nevada.  This was taken in either New Mexico or Arizona.  Can't remember which!

Susan reclaiming some of the plants she left with a friend while we were gone.

One of the locals.

Scott with his space suit on.  (Again!)

Thrift store finds ... A ten-gallon hat and a horse! 

More time in the lake.

Scott finally figured out how to make it go.  Now he needs to learn how to work the brake.  We are in the Overton Park in this photo.

Then a  dust storm moved in. Note that you can still see the ridge in the background.

One minute later it is gone.

On the way back to camp at the lake.

Driving by the outhouses at Stewart Point.

Just tot he right of the photo there are people staying in a tent.  They weathered this storm fairly well but got hit hard in a wind/rain storm a week later.

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