Monday, May 11, 2015

16-30 April, 2015, More miles on the road.

We have spent  lot of time on the road the last several weeks.  The temperatures down south were steadily climbing so we knew the time to head north would soon be upon us.  In the meantime we still spent as much time as we could doing things outside and enjoying the heat and sunshine.

One of the learning games we play with Scott involves M&M's.  I use them to spell his name and to test him on his colors.  He has to say what the letter is then he gets to eat it.  We sometimes used different colors for the same purpose.

Then there's always Scott's "after class" chocolate face.

While on the way back from Kansas and Illinois we got word that my niece had died so I headed to Colorado a couple of days after returning from our first trip.

I-70 goes through several tunnels in Colorado and follows the river for much of it's length.  It was about 650 miles each way.

Then the first night I was there it dumped about  a foot of new snow on everything.  I did bring my winter coat with me but after endless sunny and warm days in the desert the snow was not welcome.

Utah in particular has some absolutely gorgeous scenery.  This is just a taste of it.

Almost home!  A quick run through the Virgin River Gorge (which may be kind of slow depending upon the current road and bridge construction) and I'm back in Nevada and only an hour from "home."

We managed to take the kayaks out a couple of more times.  In this photo Susan is in the two-seater with Odie in front of her and Scott in the very front of the kayak.

Scott loves getting close to the marker buoys.

Time to drain the gasoline out of the generator to store it.

We took one last hike in the desert.  Scott packed and carried his own Spiderman backpack.  Besides plenty of his favorite candy he packed a hat and his Junior Ranger vest.

Break time on one of the sandstone caves in the area.

The view looking out.

Another break in another cave.

We stopped for lunch in this one.  We hiked several miles and Scott did very well considering his age.  It will be even more fun next year when he's a little bigger.

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