Friday, April 25, 2014

April 16-24, 2014 - Hiking, Weed Picking, Desert Bighorn Sheep and the packing begins.

We've had several days of high wind since the last post.  I thought all the loose sand had already been blown away but the wind always seems to find more of it to fill the air with.

Scott liked the hot springs so much we made a return trip.  It was nice in the water but you got cold in a hurry once you stood up in the wind.

More time on the lake with the kayaks.  If you look close to the left front of my kayak you can see a couple of fish in the water.

Scott decided it was nap time about when we were within sight of the car.

He has some "drinking glasses."  You can stick one end of the tube into the cup and suck on the other end and drink through the tubing. 

Whatever we do, he does!

He's commandeered my reading glasses.  It's a good thing I have several pairs of extra's.

Susan stopped to pull some weeds.  This variety looks like a "good" weed but the leaves are different and they smell like broccoli.

We we're too late for this batch (they'd already gone to seed) because we'd been locked out of the area.  The Park Service had this part closed for awhile due to the Bundy cow round-up.  We've done some volunteer work while here this year.  Our official duty now is weed control.  The nice thing is we can work when and how much we want and stay in one area as long as we want.  (No time limits as long as we are "working.")

"As small as a mustard seed?"  You can see the seed pod and the seeds it contains in Susan's hand.

Took another hike into the Bowl of Fire.  We're running out of time this year but next year we'll take some of the grandkids and bring a lunch.  They'd love exploring the caves and climbing the rocks.

Scott escorting Susan up the trail.

Finally, some shade and a nice breeze.

Susan and Scott trying out one of the small caves.  It was open on both sides and gave shade while allowing plenty of ventilation.  You kinda' have to watch for snakes this time of year.

Another local.  We've passed this group of three before so we were watching for them.  This guy was the closest and not as camera shy.

He gave us a lot of good photo opportunities before we headed on down the road.
It's another windy day with more wind for tomorrow so we made a trip into town to use the internet (we're about to the limit for our monthly ration through the jetpack).  We've begun packing things away for the trip home later next week. 

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