Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1-15 April, 2014 - Hiking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Swimming, Campfires, Visitors, and Moonlit Nghts

We've managed to get some outdoor time in the last couple of weeks despite days of high winds and blowing sand.  The tax forms are completed (have been for awhile) and in the mail but since we owed them (lots!) of money we waited until the 14th to send them in.

The local Dollar General Store had some small wading pools at a decent price so we got one for Scott. Needless to say it was an immediate hit on these hot spring days.

And what do you do with water if you're an enterprising three-year-old?  You make mud pies!  Sorry Odie, we'll find another bowl for your dog food.

Calm nights call for campfires.  Scott had a long day and soon conked out on Susan's lap.

We went to the Clark County Fair on Saturday and Scott decided he "needed" another gun.  I'd say that he has his "war face" on but he's mostly peeved at having his picture taken.

When we went to the library he couldn't wait to show me his "monster and robot" book.  It's about the characters in Star Wars.

This is one of the photos of the eclipse. We learned that automatic focusing cameras are not the best to use when taking photos of the moon.

These guys showed up one morning.  The dog was on the other side of the camper and the wind was blowing their scent away from us so she never did spot them.

This is another visitor.  The wind was blowing sand and dirt around making it seem darker than it was.

On windless days we had outside fun.  Here we launched kayaks at Echo Bay and explored some new territory.

We went hiking up a draw near Rogers Spring.  There were three hawks that took off from a ridge.  They took turns coming back to look us over.  I got a lot of photos of them taking turns standing watch.  The hawk is below the arrow.

Here's the same hawk with the telephoto at maximum extension.  I need to start packing a tripod.

Some of the many boulders we climbed over on our way to the top of the draw.  Scott absolutely loves climbing up.  He's not so thrilled about the trip back and we end up carrying him most of the way. By then he's pretty well worn out. ...

at least until it was time to cool the feet off after the hike back.

Well, okay, maybe cool the legs off as well.

The boys in green were out for awhile this morning.

We've had some beautiful sunsets as well.
As usual, lots of good photos that didn't make it due to space and time limitations.  The weather is getting pretty hot so we'll probably be heading home before too long.  We have lots of plans for the upcoming summer.  More about that later.

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