Sunday, December 16, 2012

9 - 16 December, 2012 Snow, Car Wrecks and Radiator Repairs, Redneck Drive-Ins and more...

We finally got some snow. Not a lot but at least the ground is white like it should be in December.

Scott and Susan playing on the trampoline.

Scott shovelling snow.

The white stuff brought some bad side-effects too.  Our SIL had truck problems and during a test drive after changing the fuel filter he slid off the road on one of the hills we traverse on the way home.  I went to pull him out and I slid in the same place only I was stopped by his truck.  The Cherokee needed a few parts replaced but fortunately I had most of them on hand from another Cherokee we'd salvaged.  We'll have to straighten out his bumper but otherwise his truck is okay.
The same day another neighbor hit a tree on the same hill, breaking it off about three feet above the ground.  Did a bit of damage to his pickup also.

A beautiful sunrise photo taken from the yard at 10:11 am.

Susan playing Christmas songs on the piano.

Scott and I out with the sled.  The cat is following on the road behind us.

Scott looking over our snow covered Santa and plastic snowman.  He loves being outside even when the weather turns cold.

Susan pulling dried leaves off the thyme.  She grows a lot of her own spices and herbs.

We're back to melting snow for water (now that we have snow to melt!).

Our redneck drive-in theatre.

Our SIL works at a grocery store.  They threw out about twenty pounds of frozen hash brown potatoes so he brought them home to us.  Susan is in the process of dehydrating them for future use.  Also on the table are dehydrated onions about to be packed in a jar and the last of the thyme Susan is working on.

The SIL and daughter's Land Cruiser had a radiator leak.  One of the tubes had a split about three inches long so I cut out that section and soldered the tube ends shut.  Once we got that leak stopped we found out it had more tubes split deeper inside the radiator.  It's time for a new radiator.

My $60.00 pawn shop oxy/acet welder/cutting torch.

With the cold weather outside we've been doing more inside.  Susan is writing and editing books to publish on Kindle and in print.  Her book sales have slumped a bit in December but she's still selling around 3,000 books per month.  My kindle book is starting well averaging about two per day in the week it's been out.  I put together a print version today but it will be a couple of days before the proof is ready.  I wanted to do color photos but it triples the price so they'll be BW.

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