Sunday, December 9, 2012

1-8 December, 2012 - New Book, Phone Problems, Little Boys

Any one want some rain?  We've had weeks of rain and cloudy weather.  We have nearly a thousand watts of solar panels yet the average daily charge rate has been around one amp per hour due to cloudy skies.  We've had one day in which the solar panels brought the batteries up to full charge.  Yesterday it finally cooled off enough that we got some snow (about three inches). 

The good thing is that I finished up a Kindle book and got it published online at Amazon Books.  The listed price is $3.99 and like the title says it's aimed for those who know very little about firearms. 

It's available at:
 So far it's only available on the Kindle format. There will be a print version out very soon.

One thing that sets it apart is the photography.  I took a lot of time putting the photos together and setting them up.  One of my pet peeves are e-books with little tiny photos in them.  Most of mine take up an entire page and the writing is easy to read.

This is one after resizing but before labeling.

I shot most of them free hand but used the tripod on a few.  Susan snapped this when I wasn't looking!

Scott helped.

Scott's showing his youngest cousin some of his toys.  

We found a mini-trampoline for Scott at the thrift store.  The first time he did a flip over the bar he giggled then said, "oh-oh!"  Then he did it again. 

We had some of his bigger toys stored in the barn but he accompanied Susan out there a couple of days ago and discovered the stash.  Now it looks like a toddler's used vehicle lot in the cabin.  We're slowly getting them put back in the barn whenever he isn't watching.

The phone quit a couple of days ago.  I did some checking to see if it was our problem or the phone company's.  It was ours so I re-routed the phone cable going to the cabin and set the phone jack in a new location.  We put the kitchen counter in after the phone was installed.  The problem was that if water drips off the back corner of the counter top it hits the phone jack which corrodes the wires then the phone quits working.  I moved the jack to a safer location so hopefully that will be the last time we have to deal with that problem.

I set the portable phone base outside while I was re-routing the wires so we'd have phone service while I worked.  It's all finished now.

Other than that it's been business as usual for this time of year.   I've got a load of clothes soaking in the laundry tubs.  We still have meals to prepare, dishes to wash, wood to split and bring in every day and other chores to do.  We still have a few potatoes left to sort and store in the root cellar too.  Winters are our slack time so we get a lot of writing done.  I'm not running the trap line this year so we may be able to head for Nevada early next year...we hope!

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