Monday, March 5, 2012

26 February - 4 March, 2012 Shots, Tires, and Stoves

I'll be glad when winter is over!  It's seeming to drag on forever.  It would be better if the snow was conducive to having fun but it's been a rotten year weather wise.  We get snow but then it warms up and the snow's too sticky for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.  We've had some good times sledding and on the snowmobiles but that's about it.  Snowmobiles are fun but I don't like the noise or the exhaust fumes after awhile.  Whine, whine, whine!
Made a trip into Eureka and saw this load of firewood for sale.   I like the way they set it up.  When someone buys some they just load the pallet onto a truck and take it for delivery.  You measure the stack and the customer knows exactly how much they bought.  No more arguing about whether it's a full cord or not!
One of our snowy days.  There's a mountain range in the back ground but the snow and clouds are obscuring it.  Unfortunately, it's warm snow.  Not good for snowshoes or skis.

We took Scott in to Kalispell for his 15 month check-up.  We stopped at McDonalds for a sausage biscuit.  He's finishing off the biscuit (no sausage for him yet) and playing with his (empty!) cup.  I made the remark that he was sure a happy little boy that morning.  The next stop took care of that!!

Shot time!  He's a healthy little boy (which is something to be thankful for) and was cooperative all through the poking and prodding.  The doctor left for awhile and Scott found an empty, unlocked cabinet to store some of the children's books in then when the doctor came back it was time for shots.  That, of course, didn't go so well!  I put the books back on the shelf before we left.

After getting a clean bill of health it was off to Burger King so we could start clogging his arteries with french fries and other good stuff that was bad for you!

His Dad's car needed tires.  They went to the tire store and got a good price on tires but they wanted $24.50 each to mount/balance them.  Our daughter said they'd just take the tires, her dad could swap them out on the rims.  It kind of surprised the salesman.  He tried to talk them out of it but couldn't argue against the logic of them saving almost $100 bucks by doing it themselves.  They took the tires off and brought them up when they came to visit on Saturday.

Stephen saving $100 bucks in an hour using my $59.99, Harbor Freight tire machine.  That would put a smile on any one's face! 

I went to the snowmobile dealer to get a new rope for the recoil starter on my Yamaha snowmobile.  They wanted $10.00 for the ten foot long OE cord or .75 per foot for the bulk rope.  I thought for a minute then went next door to Murdocks (farm supply store) and bought fifty feet for $9.95.

It works great!  I'll probably replace the rope on the other one before next season.

My oldest son said to check the kill switch for the problem of the motor dying while riding it.  I went through all the electrical and couldn't find a problem.  When the kids took them out Saturday they didn't have any problems so it may have been a bad connection or it may be waiting for me to fill the tank and get 15 miles from home to act up again.

Susan dug around in one of the storage buildings and got out some toys we'd stored from when our kids were little.  The cook stove was a big hit with Scott.  He decided to make us lunch with his skillet and a plastic hamburger. 

But the real fun came when he opened the oven door ... more things to scatter around the living room!

Scott's telling jokes again!   He never can keep a straight face!

Scott shares a "hold me" moment with grandma.

I bought the stove gasket last time we were in Eureka then found out that all of my glue had solidified.  We called Emily up and they picked up a new tube on their way in Saturday so Scott and I replaced the stove gasket on Sunday.  Here I'm scraping off the old gasket and glue.   I used a knife I recently purchased for a scraper.  I plan on shortening it by two inches and making a sheath for it so I didn't care if the end got dulled a bit.

Scrape off the old gasket and glue, sand and wire brush the surface then glue on a new gasket.  It's nice to have the stove door sealed up again.  It makes the wood last a lot longer!

It's clean-up time which is why we were pretty careful letting Scott play in the ashes.  We didn't want them all over the floor or his clothes.  He was having a lot of fun helping though.  I took the rugs out and shook them clean then swept around the stove.  The glue had to dry for an hour before we fired up the stove.  That's why we waited for a warm day to do this job.  The ashes will be scattered on the road for more traction on the ice. 

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