Monday, March 26, 2012

11-25 March, 2012 More Snow, New Baby, Birthdays ...

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.  I'll have to stretch my memory a bit to remember what's been happening.  A lot of it is routine stuff.  Preparing meals, feed the chickens, cat and dog, get firewood, etc.  We have to work around Scott's schedule of course.  We've also had four birthdays during this time period:  One son, one son-in-law, a grandson and a friend.  Susan has more short (50 to 100 pages in length) PAW fiction stories up on Amazon Kindle and has sold over one-hundred of them so far. She writes the stories and I make the covers for them.  These are the five she has up now.  We took all of the photos used on the covers.

The Rally Point and The Long Ride Home are part of a series she's working on.

My book is ready for the publisher (Paladin Press) as soon as I get instructions from them on how they want it sent (CD, printed, or???)  We spent most of one day going through old photos to use with my book.  I scanned most of them to the computer which took awhile.  We found the photos of when we built the root cellar so I'll probably post them on the blog in a few days.  I sent in another magazine article and have one to finish up yet.  I sent it in to another magazine and the editor sent it back with some suggestions so I'm making the changes.  He said they'd probably use it for a cover story so the pay should justify the extra work involved.  Otherwise I'd just send it to a different magazine.

In addition we've been trying to get an identity theft issue taken care of.  It concerns a close relative who hasn't gotten anywhere in several years (you cannot believe the run-around you get when dealing with the IRS, Border Patrol, ICE, FBI, local law enforcement and some other government agencies when it comes to identity theft).  Anyway, Susan is on the case now and she's not the type to quit ... ever!  We found a national Television News station in the city where it's happening and they're on the trail now.  They seem to be accomplishing things and we hope the guy is arrested soon ... and on national television when it happens.  We'll keep you updated as events unfold.  This has been an unbelievable headache for everyone involved.  Our respect for the FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, and especially the IRS has diminished greatly during this ordeal.  The IRS in particular seems to be filled with incompetent idiots.  We may write a book about this after we're done!

Now that my blood pressure is up a couple of notches I'll go on to different subjects ....

Scott gets a bit cranky around nap time.  He makes so much noise that it's hard for whoever is writing (or on the phone to the IRS, etc.) to concentrate.  One of the ways we keep him happy until he's ready to take his nap is to take him outside.  He absolutely loves being outside no matter what the temperature is.  The only thing he doesn't like is lots of wind.  One of his favorite play areas is in the car ... especially the driver's seat.  He's rolled the window down and is watching Odie bounce around under the window.  Of course when he's finished "driving" I have to turn off the lights, windshield wipers, radio, emergency  flashers, turn signal and find the cigarette lighter and plug it back in the socket.  But it keeps him happy for another half-hour anyway.

Here he's watching Sesame Street on Susan's computer.  No matter what's on television he gets bored with it after about 15 minutes.

Barbara and Victor were over one evening and we played Yahtzee.  Susan got up to get something and Scott immediately slid off my lap and took her chair.  We had to move quick to get the paper and pencil out of the way! 

When we get his snowsuit, coat or boots/shoes down he gets excited because he knows he's going outside.  Instead of the squirming little boy he usually is he sits patiently while we get him dressed to go outside.  We hope he never loses his love of being outside.

We just returned from one of our excursions.  Scott is "helping" unload the wood we got out of the woodshed.

We had several new snowstorms last week.  The weather was warm so the snow was wet and melted quickly.  We got almost a foot of the stuff over a two day period.  This was after the first night.  I love it when the snow hangs on the trees and bushes.

It's probably the last time out with the snowmobile this year.  I took advantage of the fresh snow to do some riding.  I had the woods to myself for the most part and got back on some timber company land.  The snow was firm and untracked and it was great riding.  It still had the "floating" sensation but the snow wasn't so soft and deep you had to keep the throttle wide open to keep moving.  I got near the end of the road and saw someone else coming my direction.  I waved and he cut around and took off down an old skidder trail.  I think he believed he was doing something wrong.  The roads are gated but the company that owns the land doesn't care if you ride vehicles weighing under 400 pounds behind the gates.  He may not have known that or may have thought he was on USFS land (they DO mind if you're on gated roads).  Or maybe he just didn't want to talk!  He's the only person I saw while riding.

Stephen (Scott's dad) was converting some VHS tapes we have to DVDs so Scott decided it was something he'd like to learn too!

Our newest grandchild is named Lincoln.  He was a little over nine-pounds at birth.   We went to see him the first Saturday after he was born.  Their car needed some brake work so I took my tools along and changed the brake caliper on the right, front brake.  It was good reminder of why I didn't like fixing cars in the winter.  I was soaked from the knees down from working in the slush that fell off the car.

Scott is helping Susan do the wash.  He's gotten bad about climbing when he isn't supposed to.  Susan moved the chair out that he used to stand on so ...

He found another way to make himself taller!

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