Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

Ha ... got to get used to writing 2011 instead of 2010.   Been cold the last couple of days.  It was 15 below zero F yesterday morning and almost as cold the morning before.  Guess winter is making an appearance now.

Susan has been growing a pepper plant in a pot on the windowsill.  It finally has two blossoms on it.

The nice thing about working at home when it's ten below outside!

Susan doing some isometric exercises while on the computer.

The cat in recovery mode from it's exercise program. (I think it just finished eating.)

"Let's see, if I use the whole chair no one else will be able to sit here and I'll have it all to myself."

One of the neighbors over to help break in the Wii we got for Christmas from one of the kids.

Off to feed the buffalo on a frosty day!  The temperature is about 5 - 10 degrees above zero.

Pull the sled up the hill then ride it down the hill!

The bull always gets first choice at the hay.

The old cow is next and the two young-uns get what's left.  You can tell their ages in relation to each other by the length of their horns.The old cow is on the far end with her most recent calf beside her.  The older calf is directly behind the bull.  The bull is younger than the cow and the cow used to push him around but not any more.  He's definitely the boss now.

Susan riding the sled down the hill on the way home.

We got the snowmobiles fired up yesterday when another neighbor came over with his.  He and Tristan spent some time roaming the hills before they got too cold.  It's always a pain to get them started the first time of the winter.  We take the plugs out and pour gasoline in the cylinders then put the plugs back in and start them.  The fuel pump may be a little weak on one because we have to go through the procedure about three times before it's pumping enough fuel to fill the carburetors so it will keep running.  Once they're going they run great and will start relatively easy. 

Supper cooking on the wood stove.  By the time it has simmered for a few hours the house smells wonderful!  The big kettle on the left is an old canner we keep water in.  It evaporates about 2 - 3 gallons of water a day to add humidity to the air (depending upon how hot we keep the woodstove).  The metal is thick steel so it doesn't burn through.  If you've ever done this you'll know that tin pans/kettles burn through the bottom after a shor time so finding this was a good deal for us.  It's lasted seveal years now. 

One of the good things about a week of sub-zero temperatures is that we don't have to put food in the refrigerator to keep it cold.  I bought the pizzas in town a couple of days ago.  Tristan and I went in to do laundry and pick some things up. 

One of the bad things about a week of sub-zero temps.  Brrr.  That outhouse does get cold!

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