Friday, January 7, 2011

7 January, 2011 Rain???

We had several days where the high never hit 10 degrees above zero and now we've had two days of rain!  It's supposed to get cold again tomorrow and then have several days with highs in the single digits which means our road will become a skating rink.  Uhg!

Susan spent the first part of the week with kids/grandkids in town helping with the newest addition to the clan.  I was busy with domestic duties while she was gone as well as other things.. I usually do some heavy duty gun cleaning when she's gone because the fumes from the copper solvents, etc. get a little strong in the cabin.  We've been suspecting that one of our batteries had gone bad.  Mainly because the battery bank was discharging at night when nothing was turned on.  We've had a long series of cloudy days so I had to run the generator for awhile to charge the battery bank to full charge before I could test them.  To test them I have to disconnect the wiring to every battery then check the water levels and run a load test on each battery,  We had six hooked up in parallel in two different battery boxes.  One of them tested bad so I put the five remaining batteries in one box which meant I had to rewire them all.  A battery can test good, weak, or bad on the load tester.  If it's good, when you apply the load the voltmeter needle drops slightly and holds steady in the green.  If it is weak the needle drops into the yellow zone.  Usually if it is bad the needle drops quickly into the red zone.  I purchase the tester below from Harbor Freight Tools.  It isn't fancy but so far anyway, has never been wrong. 

Susan's been making more hotpads.  She's going to a craft sale tomorrow.  She's rented one of the tables with her middle daughter.

My favorite designa are those in the first picture.

Susan made a big pot of chili and a pan of cornbread.  The pot is about 2/3 full.

After we had two meals from it she still canned over two gallons of chili for future use.

Some wild turkeys decided to take a stroll through the parking lot of the Safeway gas station in Whitefish.

Our dog found the old tetherball we tied in the tree for a dog toy.  The previous dog liked to butt it around with her nose but Odie prefers playing tug-of-war with the rope.

Our non-electric iron heating on the wood stove.  The top opens up so you can also put hot coals, charcoal or hot rocks inside to make it hotter.  I has vents you can adjust to regulate the burn rate of the coals inside.  We just put it on top of the stove to heat it up.

These were dump finds.  The hatchet is an old railroad hatchet I found in the dump.  The handle was broken so I made one out of an old axe handle.  I keep it in the shack to split kindling for starting the fire in the barrel stove.  The knife too was found in a dumpster.  I use it mainly for fleshing skins on my fleshing beam in the shack. 

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