Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 26-31 Hammocks, Trampolines, Vehicle Repairs ...

We were busy with a lot of things but didn't take many photos:

Scott has been admiring hammocks lately.  We had an old one set up out by the little cabin so we took it down from there and put it up near the playground.  Then he found this one so we put it up for him to try out.

It obviously has more potential because not only can you sleep in it, you can hide in it and...

You can use it for a swing. (Why does everything Scott likes eventually become a swing of some sort!)

Meet Bat Man (or Boy).

This is an old photo from our archives.  When we first moved out here we had no electricity so I'd charge up an automotive battery at work and bring it home then we'd plug an inverter into it to run our laptop computer.  Because we wanted the power to last as long as possible we'd use our kerosene lamps for lighting blending both old and new technology.

Susan putting pizza crust in the oven to let the dough rise.

Susan putting pizza on the table for us to eat!

We had to run some errands in Eureka so we stopped for awhile to let Scott play at the playground with some other kids.  I used the opportunity to make some long distance calls since we had cell service in town.

Tristan (our youngest son) needed to replace the tie rod on his car so he brought it over here.  As usual Scott is there to help.  It turned out that we needed the inner tie rod end also so we put it back together.  We'll replace both when the new part comes in.

Tristan stayed for dinner.  Afterward he played with Scott on his photo program.  Scott likes the special effects it has

But with Scott passive entertainment is not his favorite way to play so he coerced Tristan to play on the trampoline with him.

I made some more bow strings.  Two were twisted strings (one is installed on the bow) and the other was an endless string (that's what the string jug is for).

Wrapping the loop.

I made the string jig out of old bed rails and it will adjust to make a string for my long bow (at 72 inches long) down to my crossbows (27 inch length).  

Thanks for looking!

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