Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 5-14, 2016 - On The Home Front

Unfortunately we do not get to spend all of our time camping and having fun.  Sometimes we have to get a few things done.  Of course most of my work anymore seems to involve the IRS and it's myriad of forms and reports to complete but we still have domestic duties to stay up on.

This is the first year our lilacs have had a full display of flowers/blossoms. We were just a bit disappointed since we expected purple!

We made a trip into Kalispell to get some things done and stopped over at our Daughter and SIL's place for awhile.  Of course we had time playing with Scott's younger brother too.

On the way out of town we spotted this car hauler at one of those "Park-N-Sell" lots.  We've been watching for one just like this in the paper and Craig's List so we were happy to find this one.  We contacted the owner but it was too late to go to the bank so we came back in the next morning to pay for it and pick it up.  Now we have something we can haul the ATV's on when we take them along on our excursions.

Scott working hard at playing in the sand.  We have a real sand box for him but he prefers the sand around the tether ball.

Susan getting some mowing time in before it gets so tall we have to bale it.

A trip to Columbia Falls to see another daughter meant we also stopped at Whitefish for Scott to play on the playground there.

We also stopped at the Burger King in Columbia Falls.  Scott has grandma cornered in the play area.

Scott needed his immunizations caught up so we went to the pediatrician.  He was joined by his little brother who delighted in throwing rocks in the puddle.  Scott had a good observation point in the puddle.

We decided to use some rubbing compound of the van to spruce it up a bit and get rid of the dead paint.  Susan was working the front part over but stopped long enough to take the photo.

This is just to show the before/after contrast.

We are clearing out a lot of our excess stuff.  Here I'm working on a small compound bow that's going to one of Scott's cousins.

Scott and Hanna (cousin).

More cousins and Scott playing in a Lilac bush/tree.

It's still a bit chilly in the mornings here.

We made a trip into Libby (the county seat) to get the title for the van and license the van and car hauler.

They have a Pizza Hut so we partook of the lunch buffet.

I was just commenting to Susan that week that we hadn't seen any moose for several years then we had one show up in our yard.  I used this photo to give a size reference to compare the moose to the whitetail deer standing behind it.

It walked out of the brush long enough for a decent photo.  Looks like it's shedding it's winter coat.

It finally wandered off through the woods.

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