Thursday, April 7, 2016

March 31, 2016 A New Toy, Kayaks, People Falling Out if the Sky, Redstone, and Dust Storms

The temperature's climbing and we're starting to get homesick.  We've been busy with a lot of different things the past couple of weeks.  My biggest head-ache was doing our taxes!  I'm printing up paper copies of the taxes plus the worksheets and keeping one set on file here in Nevada and taking one complete set back home to Montana.  The total number of pages between the federal and state corporation taxes and federal and state personal taxes is over 150 pages.  That will be 300 pages total.  It cost me around $60.00 just in print cartridges. I also keep secure copies of everything in memory sticks.  I sent some paper copies of my taxes from 2014 to the VA for income verification awhile back.  Just those needed for that cost me almost $10.00 in print cartridges and another $10.00 (plus) in postage.  I'll also have copies on my computer, three memory sticks, and an extra hard drive.  Most stored miles apart in different places.

The annual Overton Yard sale was okay this year.  It's been better in previous years.  I think that the paper wanting $25.00 just to put you on their special map might have dropped the number of sales.  We still got some great buys though.  I picked up a couple of new Mora sheath knives for $4.50 each, a nice Brunton compass and an altimeter, a 7 1/4 in, Skil Saw and a bunch of other stuff.  This photo is in the Lin's (grocery store) parking lot.

We have a new machine to use and play on.  We've been planning on getting a pair of these for quite some time.  I bought this one from a friend in Nevada.  It's used but in good shape.  Scott has given it his seal of approval.  It's a 700cc and should be good for some work at home too.  We'll Get Susan's when we get back to MT.

Scott made a "volcano"  in his sand pile using the tire pump to make it "erupt."

This was the first time we made kabobs.  We decided it was easier to cook the meat on one then the veggies and fruit by themselves.

It was delicious!  (We had sweet potatoes inside the foil.)

It's springtime in the desert and the wild flowers are just gorgeous!  It was a wet spring so there is even more color than normal years.  The next time I post I'll have even more flower photos.

Scott found this guy squished on the road!  We told him to never pick up a live one!

Of course we've had our share of sand storms this year.  It's been windier than normal.

It's been beautiful as well!

And the guys in green have been up to their usual antics of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes into the cold waters of Lake Mead.

On the few days when the wind is not blowing you'll find us on the lake in our kayaks.

This guy was more curious than afraid.  There are a lot of coyotes this year.

This is on the other side of the lake.  We found a nice sandy beach where we played for hours.

Scott used Susan's camera to record some of the things he thought important.

He took lots of photos of coyote tracks, and bugs and rocks and ...

... old farts napping in the sand and sun.

Time to head back.  Scott is always eager for the next adventure.

The donkey was ready for us to leave as well.  He brayed at us when we began paddling away.

Scott and his cousin Anna.  She's a year older than he is but he's bigger.  They play well together (most of the time!).  His other cousins were there too along with our son-in-law and daughter.  They had some things in storage and came back to move them to their new home in New Mexico.

This is at Redstone in the Park.  Naturally it's more impressive when seen in real life.  There are several different types of rock in this photo.

And the sunsets are nearly always colorful.

My wife (Susan) has a new book out:

It's available in both Kindle and print versions.



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