Friday, December 4, 2015

December 1, 2015 Busy

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted so this is a quick update on some of the things we've been doing other than seemingly endless travel time in the car.

Scott playing at my mother's house in Kansas.

Scott recovering from playing at my mother's house in Kansas.

This is one of Scott's favorite activities at the zoo.  It's a rope spider web that helps him burn off some of the boundless energy he has.

While at my mother's we took some side trips.  One was to a meet-up in Texas and another to see our daughter in Illinois.  This is where we crossed the Missouri River on our way to see some of Susan's old stomping grounds in Missouri.

The Missouri River.

Taken from a small town in Missouri.  I don't know if that was a former jaywalker or just a warning to potential jaywalkers.

Sunset in Kansas. 

Back in Overton where we got our motor home out to spend some time in the desert.  

Scott attempting to roast a marshmallow peanut over the charcoal.  They just kind of melt.

Susan bought some garden plants to put out but we gave them away when we decided to head back to Montana for the holidays.

Me-n-Scott at Lake Mead.

Raising the wind generator pole.

Wind generator up!  We brought two more solar panels from home and put them on the motor home in Nevada.  That gives us about 520 watts of solar power on the motor home.  I permanently mounted the panels about a week after this photo was taken.  It's enough to put us over the edge.  With the wind and solar power and the 3,000 watt inverter and the wood stove we very seldom run the generator now.

Scott picked out a new bow when we were in Walmart.  It's a compound with a center-shot window.  He has a hard time pulling it back and goes through all the contortions seen by adult archers who are over-bowed but he likes shooting it.  

Scott's going to slide and dice grandpa. At least he gave me a sword to defend myself with this time.  I think the chair is supposed to be armor to protect his back.

He found a knight costume and we bought it for him.  He wears it everywhere including story time at the library.  We went to Walmart after Halloween and they had a big clearance rack of Halloween costumes so Scott loaded up on them.  At a dollar each we let him get several.

Scott flying his kite while sitting down.

Scott flying his kite while laying on the ground.  It's a good thing he has a steady wind so that he doesn't have to work too hard at flying a kite.

One of our daily bicycle rides.

Scott always seems to enjoy them unless it's cold.  Obviously it's not cold this time.

After story time at the library he plays computer games on the library computer.

Veterans Day parade at Overton. After the parade there was a community cook-out at the park.

We always like to see the Christmas light display at the chocolate factory in Las Vegas.

Scott liked a lot of the figurines they had there.

We moved the wind tower around to the side of the motor home.  It put it in a more vertical position.  We padded it where it touched the motor home and quieted it down considerably.  Hopefully I'll get it mounted permanently this spring.  I finally thought of a way to make the tower extendable without spending a lot of money or making it too complicated.

We got to see new snow anyway!

Our daughter, son-in-law, and their kids are in the process of moving and stopped to camp out awhile on there way.  We had them pick up a half-cord of firewood from a local vendor.

Everyone helped get the firewood from the pickup to the storage unit.

This is a good place to store it.  We'll bring out about a week's supply at a time when we get back down there.

While we were out hiking around Scott found a little tiny cactus growing under a rock so we stopped to take it's picture.

This is a spring we hiked in to explore.  These little springs are all over the area and most are not hard to find. 

An evening watching the lake as the sun sets.

Almost time to hit the sack.

Susan took this shot of our SIL fishing.

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