Saturday, July 25, 2015

11-24 July 2015 - Glacier National Park, The Flathead River, High Priced Lemons!

While June was more like July, July has been more like June.  We got a few small rain showers the first part of the month but they've slacked off since then.  The fire danger is very high now and the grass is so dry you fear the friction of just walking on it might set it ablaze.  Every part of the country has some sort of natural disaster waiting to happen.  Ours is wildfire.  We've done about all we can to protect our place but the thoughts of forest fires are never far from our mind during times like this.  

We did manage some more cleaning around the place. This is a load of scrap metal I moved to a new location.  Susan has our trash trailer full of things going to the dump that she cleaned up out of the "barn" and bike sheds.  She's also been working on the U-Haul camper getting it ready for a trip into Kalsipell for a new clutch.  I'm going to do some more work on it as well including a ladder, roof rack, possibly another gas tank and adding a couple of more solar panels.

We've had an old wire shelf unit on hand a few years now and I finally got around to fixing it.  The keepers that  hold the shelves to the frame are plastic and they were all broken.  I bought some half-inch wooden plugs to replace them.

I pushed the plugs into the shelf frames then anchored the plugs with a small nail (I filed the ends off once it was installed).  I then ran a screw into the plug to hold it to the main frame.

Scott in Supervisory Mode while wearing his spider costume.

The shelf unit after I was finished.

Susan painted it prior to putting it in the cabin.

Scott got a new fireman's costume. We were surprised at the quality of the materials used.  It's a nice, durable costume.

He's playing at the park with his uncle who is a real fireman.

We had a friend come to visit for a few days.  This is Adrian who we met in Nevada.  He's on a cross-country bicycle trip he began in San Diego the first part of the year.  He was  hit by a car near the Great Lakes a few weeks ago but is now back on the road again.  While he was here we did a few things including a visit to Glacier National Park.  This is Lake McDonald and you can see on the other side where the fire of Robert Fire of 2003 burned right up to the edge of the Lake.

Looking north on Lake McDonald.

More of Glacier on the Going to the Sun road.

and more ...

and more.

The Reynolds Creek fire in Glacier National Park within minutes after it began.  We were one of the last groups to get out before rangers closed the road.  We were waiting our turn to go through a section of road construction when the first ranger vehicle went through with flashing lights.  Once we were past the construction area we looked in the mirror to see the smoke rising from the fire.  This photo was taken down the road a bit from a pull-off.  At this time the fire was less than an hour old.  It's a horrible place for a fire.  There are acres of dead pine between the lake and the road and the canyon increases the wind velocity as it's channeled between the canyon walls and across the lake.  Within hours it had grown to over three thousand acres.  The cause is still under investigation but the entire state is a tinder box just waiting for a spark to get things going.  There have been dozens of fires outside the park and only the rapid response of local firefighters has kept the damage contained.

The rest of the trip was uneventful.  Here we stopped along the Flathead River along Highway 2 on the way back home.  The bank on the right side is the boundary of Glacier National Park.

Scott never tires of playing in the water.  We took  break and went wading then threw rocks in the water.  Finally as the shadow lengthened we headed for home.

Scott and his little brother Benjamin.

Benjamin making faces at grandma.

An afternoon at Dickey Lake.

Adrian took off on the final leg of his journey on Friday.  Here he is alongside Lake Koocanusa.

... and heading west!

We stopped at the park in Eureka on the way home after dropping off Adrian.  Here Scott is going on a wild ride on the steel pony!

We needed groceries and stopped in at a local grocery store.  Thy must have jacked up the prices for the weekend because everything was almost twice as high as just a few days previously.  We are particularly disappointed in the lemons we have available at stores here.  Not only are they expensive, they are small too!

We drove to Whitefish and bought our groceries there instead.  We saved enough to more than pay for the extra gasoline but we struck out again on lemons!  I guess we will be facing another week without lemonade!

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