Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4-12 March, 2013 - Warm Weather and Fun on the Water

Lots of sun this week so we've taken advantage of it. 

Scott likes to pretend he's a dog or cat.  Here he's a cat (he was meowing) eating his breakfast.  We do have spoons and forks for those times he joins us a human.

We called in some gulls with gifts of bread scraps.  Scott was thrilled to have them this close (as long as grandpa stayed nearby).

The cat was thrilled too!

Scott kicking up the water at an overflow at one of the hot springs in the area.

Scott helping with the dishes (and playing in the rinse water).  Ever get the idea he likes playing in the water?

We cut a little more firewood with three-inch strokes of the saw!

Scott loves elephants until you get close to one.  This one's a prop in a Las Vegas restaurant.  It sometimes flapped it's ears.  He liked it from a distance but the closer we got the tighter he gripped my shirt (and the hair and skin under it!).

We took advantage of the wind to fly his kite.  We were at Wal Mart and they had them for $1.37 each.  We couldn't decide which to get so we bought four of them.
This one has a jet plane on it. The wind was perfect.  After he tired of it I clipped it to the camper and it stayed air born for another hour or so.  We flew it a couple more times in the afternoon and enjoyed it until Scott decided the funnest thing was to let go of the string so grandpa could chase it down.  After about the third time grandpa put the kite away.

We spent some time in our jon boat.  I extended the battery cable so we could put the battery in front for better weight distribution.  The trolling motor moves that little boat pretty good.  The battery is old so we ended up assisting the motor with the oars to get back to the beach.

We've been to some hot springs a couple of times now.  It's quite a drive and the first time was a weekend and it was pretty crowded.  We came back during the week and the crowds were gone ... for awhile!

One family had several little kids so Scott had someone to play with.  This is Jeremy and he's the same age as Scott and he likes to shoot water guns too.

One of the other patrons at the spring took a picture of Susan and I.  Usually one of us is the cameraman so we seldom get our pictures taken together.

We bought an inflatable plane for Scott.  This is the first time we had it in the water.  Scott was okay as long as I was holding onto him but didn't feel confident enough to fly solo yet.

But he loved being the gunner while grandma flew the plane.

Ah ... laundry time.  We brought the plunger from home.

Everyone takes their turn!

We put the solar dryer on "rapid dry."

Even store bought pancake mix is good with dried Montana huckleberries added to it.

Las Vegas!  We spent the day in town with our oldest son and daughter-in-law.
Scott found a faster way to cut firewood.

Breakfast again!  Canned bacon for bacon and cheese omelettes.

Had a fire north of us this morning.  We don't know what was going on yet but it sure put out some black smoke.

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