Thursday, February 14, 2013

27 January-14 February 2013 - Warmer Climates

It's been a long couple of weeks!  We finished packing the camper, trailer and car and headed for Kalispell to say good-bye to the kids.  That took a couple of days by the time we spent some time with each one. We did some shopping in Kalispell picking up last minute items we'd need on our trip and during our stay here.  There's no sales tax in Montana so we tried to get things there and save a few bucks when we could.  The weather was clear and cold when we left home.  I chained up the rear tires on the U-Haul to be sure that we wouldn't lose control going down the steep hill at the end of our road.  I also finished installing the heater motor and core then adjusted the rear brakes before we left.  We left the aluminum boat in Montana.  It was going to be tough to pack so we checked Craig's List on prices here and if our luck holds we'll just buy another one here with a trailer and we'll tow it home behind the U-Haul. ... Hopefully!

The trip here was uneventful.  Our first night was spent in Montana at one of the coldest rest stops in the world.  We were grateful for the wood stove in the camper!  The next stop was in Utah the next night.  We stopped early and spent the night at a truck stop so we'd be able to go through Salt Lake City after the rush hour was over.  We spent a couple of hours near SLC with a friend Susan hadn't seen in a few years.

Our next night was spent in Mesquite, Nevada.  We were finally in a warmer climate.  From there it was a quick trip the next morning into Overton.
We spent several days at the game refuge just outside of Overton.  They allow free camping for up to eight days.  We parked next to a travelling preacher and his friend and shared a few stories.
I also came down with the flu the day we pulled in.  I must have caught it from someone on the way down here.  Of course Scott got it next then Susan so we've all been sick the last week.  At least we were here and not stuck on the road somewhere.

It wasn't all bad though.  Overton is a nice community and we spent some time in the playground with Scott.  Here we're racing down the parallel slides.

He's going to catch grandma so she doesn't get hurt!

Now he's at the campground doing whatever little boys do when they have a stick to play with.
We made a quick trip into LasVegas to pick up a few things.  I bought a digital powder scale to try out while we were in the Bass Pro Shop there.
We also rented a PO Box in Overton to make mail forwarding easier.

Now that we're feeling better we headed out to Stewart's Point to get set up for a longer stay.  Shade's a little sparse in this spot but we're looking forward to soaking up the sun anyway!  We're close enough to the water to have access but far enough away we don't have to worry so much about Scott falling in the lake.

Scott and I are down on the beach throwing rocks in the water.  The water trails are from Odie when she ran up out of the lake.  After throwing about a hundred pounds of rocks and gravel in the lake we went back to the camper.

We had another neighbor waiting to say hi there.  It was Rex and his long-haired Chihuahua.  He's camped about a half-mile away and was just out walking around a bit.

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