Monday, July 2, 2012

26 June - 1 July, 2012 Book editing and webbed feet.

We're about to sprout webbed fet.  It's rained nearly every day which is whay the garden is waterlogged!  I check every night to be sure that we're not growing webbed feet.  So far the answer is no.

My editer at Paladin press has been going through my manuscript and we've been working at clarifying things.  That was 2 1/2 days of sitting at my desk but it was worth every minute.  He did a great job finding weak spots in the manuscript and mistakes I hadn't caught.

I have an article in the current issue (Aug/Sept) of Traditional Bowhunter magazine.  It's the one where I was standing on the ladder taking pictures.  (Shown in the blog awhile back.)  I still have articles scheduled to be printed in Back Home Mag., Backwoods Home Magazine, Backwoodsman, Fur-Fish-Game, and another one for Traditional Bowhunter.

The potatoes need weeded and hilled yet but the ground is still just a little damp!

These were planted late.  I'm surprised that they didn't rot in the wet weather we've had.

When you plant in straw it seems to take forever for the potato plants to come through.  These are up in my tires.  I have two tires stacked with straw and spuds.  We had frost the day after taking this and one of the plants got burned.  It should come back okay though.  Potatoes are hardy.

I hooked the suction pipe up to the water pump to transfer water from the main tank to the smaller ones in the garden.  We're still getting rain though so I may be filling barrels soon.

We had to run the generator to charge the battery bank after several warm, cloudy days.  When it's warm the refrigerator runs more and draws down the batteries so we sometimes need the generator to charge them back up.  While running the genny, Susan made waffles.  She made too many so we froze the extras and had them for breakfast a couple of days later.  We heat them up the same way we make toast.  We sandwich the waffles between folded auminum foil and heat them on the wood stove.

A friend on the forum here mailed some brass to me (Thanks Randy).  We were on bicycles when we rode into town to check the mail so I bungee-corded it to the rear rack on my bike and brought it home.

Our youngest son and his wife just bought and moved into their first house. They also acquired a couple of kittens who, like most kittens, are either sleeping or having fun. 

This one got up and moved into the "fun" stage, hiding and playing behind the couch.

This is the view from their back yard.

Another "pet" they inherited with the place!

While we were in town we stopped at the thrift store.  Susan didn't realize that Scott was doing his own shopping while she was doing hers.

Susan took Scott on a bike ride down to Dickey Lake (about ten miles each way).  The wind was up a bit and the water was kind of rough so there weren't many people out.

She fought the wind going but had it helping her on the way home.  It was about ten miles each way by the route she took.  We're hoping to go on a three/four day ride soon.  We're mainly waiting for a new backpacking tent (larger) we ordered to arrive and then we need a few days of decent weather.  We've been out in the rain before but would prefer nice weather with Scott along. 

Whle they were out I was home mowing the yard.  I used the power mower because it had grown so high while we were camping last week.  I've still go several hours of running the weed eater before I'm finished.

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