Monday, June 25, 2012

17-25 June, 2012 - Camping, fishing, horses, kayaks and bicycle rides. (Part one of two.)

Happy Father's Day!
I have dozens of pictures to post so this is going to be a two part blog this week. We left for our camping spot on Sunday, the 17th  after I finished bolting in the wood stove.  The weather was threatening rain and we stilll needed fill water jugs and check the mail on the way out. 

My pictures are not all in order here.  My camera has developed alzheimers and sometimes forgets what time and day a picture was taken.  Usually I'm in a hurry so I just punch in "1" for the day, year, month, etc. just to get things moving (Otherwise, it asks before every picture if I want to set the day, month, etc.).  I believe this was taken on Monday, the 18th.  We needed to go to Whitefish and get on the internet because of some articles of mine that magazines had accepted so that I could answer some of their questions.  On the way back, Scott fell asleep "reading" his book.  (His grandpa sometimes does that too.)

This is the creek where we camped. (Dog Creek)

This is taken from our campsite.  The "lake" is not really a lake.  It's more like a wide spot in the creek.

But it's still home to a few beaver and muskrats as well as turtles and fish.  Here a beaver munches on his breakfast while sitting on a floating log.  The lense is on maximum telephoto shot freehand hence the blurry image.

A beaver house?  I never saw a beaver enter but I did see several muskrats using it.

This is a muskrat scent mound or feeding station.  I'm not sure which.  (Or maybe it's both!)

Another one ...

We stopped for a frozen pizza to have for supper on Sunday evening.  No assembly required but you do have to cook it. 

We had several days of heavy rain both before and after we showed up so one of the first things I did was set up a tarp.  The only one we had was an 8X10 we'd purchased at a Walmart in Nevada.   I used bungee cords and ratchet straps for tie-downs.

Home-Sweet-Home for the next week.  There was broken glass everywhere so Susan spent some time policing the area.

It was cold and damp.  The wood stove in the camper felt really good!

I used our "clothesline" rope setting up the tarp so I furnished some paracord for the clothes line.

We rode bicycles above the camp and took this photo of the dam from a rock outcropping above it.  If you have the full size photo and enlarge it you can see a corner of the truck in the trees in the upper, left corner.

One of the first things Scott did was probe a gopher hole.  It's was probably good for him that Mr. Gopher wasn't home.

Scott was a typical 19 month-old.  Here he lost his balance and sat in the mud while playing in the water with a stick.  Grandma wasn't pleased about the extra laundry!

We went on several bicycle rides during the week.  On this one we ended up above the Stillwater River.

I was standing on a bluff overlooking the river.  This is the view to the south.  The river is high and murky with spring run-off.  It's normally crystal clear.

This is looking north.

This is looking up at Susan and Scott.

This is looking down from where Susan and Scott were in the prevous photo.  I'm probably about 150 feet above the river at the edge of the bluff.  It goes straight down over the edge.  Anyone for some cliff diving?

Some of the wildflowers along the road.

These were down on the bluff where I was standing.

It's hard to tell on the photos but there are four distinct colorations.  The blue ones had different colors at the  base of the petals.  The photos didn't come out well due to the wind blowing the flowers around.  

Odie helping me take more pictures.

... of more flowers
These were my favorites

I picked a few for grandma but Scott took them before I got to Susan.

When we got back from our ride, Scott was aslep in his bike seat so we brought him in, seat and all and put him on the floor for his nap.

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