Thursday, September 1, 2011

21-31 August, 2011 Flying lessons, paintball, county fair, master cylinders...

Been an eventful week (or so!) 

Sunday (the 21st) we played paintball at my son's house in Kalispell.  It was a smaller group put together on shorter notice but we had fun.  The grand kids were ready to go.

This is Anna, the youngest. 
She found lots to do while the "big kids" were playing paintball.  I charged up one of the markers and the older kids played with it while the others were out in the field.  Mom and dad took turns watching the youngsters.

Part of our group.  These are all family members.

You could clearly see the smoke from the fire burning in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area.

After paintball it was an evening at our daughter's place in Kalispell.  She worked hard to have a great meal prepared.  She's a great cook.

The second youngest of the clan getting a head start on both computers and paintball.

Victor and I got some neat toys from Kalsipell.  The table saw was an extra my son had and he gave it to me.  The miter saw is Victor's.  He still has lots of opportunity to put it to use building his cabin.

Barbara and I putting on the roof sheathing.  We got it on and I got most of the end walls built.  I was putting on the tar paper the next day when I slid off the roof.  It was late (approx. 8:30 to 8:45 pm) and I was in a hurry which is the best way to have a mishap.  I was pulling the nails on my last board I'd used to stand on while working on the roof and I pulled one too many nails.  I thought I had two left behind me and only had one.  The board pivoted down and I slid off the roof, falling about ten feet to the ground.   was crouched when I slid so my knees bent with the impact.  I ended up with a sprained ankle and that was it.  The sprain is still in the process of healing but it's getting better fast.  I guess that means I flunked my flying lesson!

Another shot of Barbara.  She's standing on our eight-foot ladder on the second floor loft.

I left an access door for moving in furniture.  The box springs won't fit up the stair opening so we'll need to bring it in this way.  Once it's in I'll make an access door for future needs.  They plan on building onto this end next year.

Barbara put the insulation in and she and Susan are putting up drywall.  I need this wall done first so I can build the stairs here.

The dog has found yet another place to take a break from the sun.

Susan is preparing a back ground for her entry in the fair.

This is where a larger format would be nice.

She got a blue ribbon for her entry.  It's four pictures (behind her on the wall) showing each season at Marl Lake taken from the same angle.  It's hanging in my room now.  I love it.

Someone made some "cars" out of 55 gallon steel drums for the kids to ride in and they pull them with their ATV.  The kids loved it.

We stopped at our daughter's house to tell her happy birthday.  The kids all had dozens of things to show us.  That's David in the playhouse and Andrew hanging from the hoops in the back ground.

Victor's brakes went out on the second to the last trip to their storage area.  The master cylinder went bad and as long as you hit the brakes hard they worked fine but if you stopped slow they'd go clear to the floor.  They had one at the parts store in Eureka so he got it and we put it on.  Problem solved so we made another trip into Kalispell and finished cleaning out their storage shed.

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